May 30, 2011

FE-DESIGN releases new version of TOSCA Fluid

FE-DESIGN has announced a new version of TOSCA Fluid. This new version 2.2.0 of the modular system for topology optimization of channel flow problems now also includes a full support of STAR-CCM+ CFD Solver (Versions 5 and 6). This important functional enhancement enables users of the high-performance CFD technology CCM+ to benefit from the efficient optimization strategies for channel flows provided by TOSCA Fluid.

Additional new features and enhancements will cover, among others, higher usability with improved graphical user interface (GUI) and enhanced logging and error handling, simplified licensing setup and an improved mechanism for treating mesh interfaces. A new, advanced STL format support including multiple face zones facilitates fast and seamless refeed of optimization results into the original CFD setup, allowing easy set-up of automatic validation runs.

A new, improved smoothing algorithm has been added to prevent shrinkage of the result surfaces during the smoothing process (available for optional selection in the GUI).

ANSYS FLUENT support has been upgraded to version 12.1.4. Support for STAR-CD will be discontinued with the next major release version of TOSCA Fluid.

With your existing TOSCA Fluid 2.1.0 licence you can check out the new feature today. Just download the installation files from myFED.