May 23, 2011

Delcam's PartMaker to highlight medical device manufacture at OMTEC

Delcam’s PartMaker Division will demonstrate the unique solutions offered by its PartMaker software for the manufacture of implantable medical devices at the Orthopaedic Manufacturing & Technology Exposition, OMTEC, to be held in Chicago on 15th and 16th June.

"Implantable orthopaedic devices are getting more complicated with each passing year,” commented PartMaker Division President, Hanan Fishman. "PartMaker 2011 gives our users the tools to make more complex medical devices more productively on a wide platform of CNC equipment from Swiss-type lathes to bar-fed mills, and everything in between.”

"Since joining Delcam, the functionality, capability and power of the PartMaker CAM software suite has grown massively by taking advantage of Delcam’s extensive development resources. Delcam’s worldwide team of over 225 developers is the largest in the CAM software industry. Multi-axis milling functionality that has taken Delcam many, many man years to develop is being added to PartMaker at a rapid pace and reduced cost, which provides a major benefit to the product’s end users.”

"PartMaker Version 2011 also has an optional module for 3D design, providing PartMaker users with best-in-breed software for both CNC programming and addressing ‘design for manufacturability’ issues,” added Mr. Fishman.

Medical device manufacturers unable to attend OMTEC can find out more from the monthly webinar series on medical device manufacture being held by the PartMaker Division. The next webinar will take place on 27th May and will focus on the relative merits of three different methods of manufacturing these plates, using a Swiss-type lathe, a table-table 5-axis mill or a bar-fed mill. Each manufacturing method has its relative pros and cons depending on the application, and these will be explored during the webinar.

The PartMaker webinar series for manufacturing professionals focuses on the optimal manufacturing and CNC programming techniques for a variety of common families of medical device. Each one hour webinar focuses on the manufacture of a particular device and covers such issues as part application, machine tool selection, tooling options and CNC programming considerations. They are being conducted by PartMaker product specialists with extensive medical device manufacturing expertise. The webinars are all free of cost and available to both existing PartMaker users and prospective users alike.