May 17, 2011

Delcam PartMaker webinar on manufacture of fixation plates

The manufacture of internal fixation plates will be the subject of the next PartMaker webinar.

Developments in the manufacture of internal fixation plates for spinal support will be the topic for the third webinar in the monthly series on medical device manufacture being held by Delcam’s PartMaker Division. The webinar will take place on 27th May and will focus on the relative merits of three different methods of manufacturing these plates, using a Swiss-type lathe, a table-table 5-axis mill or a bar-fed mill. Each manufacturing method has its relative pros and cons depending on the application, and these will be explored during the webinar.

The PartMaker webinar series for manufacturing professionals focuses on the optimal manufacturing and CNC programming techniques for a variety of common families of medical device. Each one hour webinar focuses on the manufacture of a particular implantable device and covers such issues as part application, machine tool selection, tooling options and CNC programming considerations. They are being conducted by PartMaker product specialists with extensive medical device manufacturing expertise. The webinars are all free of cost and available to both existing PartMaker users and prospective users alike.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeon (AAOS) explains that using plates, screws, and rods to help hold the spine still, a procedure called ‘internal fixation’, may increase the rate of successful healing. With the added stability provided by internal fixation, most patients are able to move earlier after surgery. Fixation strategies can differ depending on the part of the spine being operated on. The type of spinal plate to be the subject of the webinar is commonly used in cervical spinal procedures.

"Manufacturing options available to companies making medical devices are changing rapidly,” commented PartMaker Division President, Hanan Fishman. "The machine tool, cutting tool and CNC programming techniques available in the market today to make medical devices has changed immensely in the past 24 months. The idea of this webinar series is explain what these changes are and how firms that are either making medical devices currently, or are considering doing so, need to apply the latest in advanced manufacturing to manufacture medical devices productively and profitably given the dynamics of their business.”

The final webinar will be on June 24th when the topic will be the manufacture of spinal hooks. For more details, please go to www.partmaker.com/medicaldevice