May 17, 2011

Delcam establishes orthotics demonstration center

CADCAM developer Delcam has established a dedicated demonstration center in its Windsor, Ontario, office to provide a greater focus on its healthcare solution for the design and manufacture of custom orthotic insoles. The new demo center will help in better supporting the increasing number of prospects and customers across the company’s entire range of products for insoles, including scanners, and the OrthoModel CAD and OrthoMill CAM software, as well as demonstrating the machining of orthotics designed in the software on a CNC router.

"The demo center was created in the Delcam Windsor office because of the expertise that Delcam can offer with the experienced and senior application engineers here,” said Glenn McMinn, President of Delcam North America. "Delcam has worked hard to earn its reputation for quality customer service and this state-of-the-art facility is another example of the high quality service we provide.”

Commenting on the company’s orthotics business, Maida Koller, VP Sales North America, said "Delcam is very committed to the orthotics market and is continuously looking for ways to improve the overall process of developing custom foot insoles. By having a demonstration lab, we can allow our prospects that are currently making orthotics by hand see how using the latest technology can make the process faster and more accurate. It also allows us to better support our customers because we can reproduce problems they are having and find solutions more quickly.”

Delcam was, of course, already active in many areas of the healthcare business for years with PowerSHAPE (for design and reverse engineering) and PowerMILL, PartMaker and FeatureCAM (for machining), from the production of prostheses, through to the manufacture of surgical instruments and even different types of medical packaging.

For specific medical industries such as orthotics however, Delcam felt it was necessary to combine the software knowledge and expertise into a format that is intuitive, flexible and familiar.