May 23, 2011

Delcam and SoftInWay to hold High-Efficiency Turbomachinery webinar

CADCAM developer Delcam and turbomachinery design specialists SoftInWay are to hold a joint webinar on the development of high-efficiency turbomachinery on 16th June. Titled "How to Design, Redesign and Manufacture Turbomachinery in Days rather than Months”, the 40-minute webinar will show how the companies’ software can greatly increase speed, reduce cost and improve efficiency at every stage in the development of new equipment – from conceptual design through to manufacture. To register, please go to http://www.softinway.com/education/webinar/registration.asp.

The webinar will address the various pain points faced by design engineers and manufacturers of turbomachinery today, discuss techniques for mitigating them and solutions for overcoming them. It will be of interest to all manufacturers of turbomachinery who want to learn about effective new approaches to flow path design and component machining, and to engineers involved in design and redesign of axial and radial turbomachinery.

The webinar will open with a demonstration of SoftInWay’s AxSTREAM software suite for the design, analysis and optimisation of turbomachinery equipment of all types. The software analyses the gas flow through different possible configurations and so allows the user to develop the most efficient blade surface.

AxSTREAM provides fast and easy design, plus accurate forecasting of the blade’s performance. It is especially beneficial in cases where designs need to be produced from limited data since it can generate initial designs quickly from basic requirements for size and required power output. These can then be optimised with a series of rapid iterations of analysis and design modification.

The shape developed in AxSTREAM will then be transferred to Delcam’s PowerSHAPE CAD software for completion of the design with the addition of the root and tip of the blade. The final design will be programmed in Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system, ready for machining on any suitable five-axis machining centre.

PowerSHAPE includes a combination of solid modelling for standard geometric shapes and surface modelling for the creation and editing of the complex, doubly-curved surfaces needed in blade design. Like AxSTREAM, it incorporates fast and powerful editing tools to ensure that the optimum design can be created quickly and easily.

PowerMILL is the world’s leading CAM system for the programming of high-speed and five-axis machining. The software offers exceptional calculation speeds and a high degree of automation to minimise programming times, plus a range of five-axis strategies to allow fast and efficient machining. Simulations of the machining process on the computer ensure that the process will operate safely on the machine.

"We are pleased to be collaborating on this webinar with SoftInWay,” commented Bart Simpson, Delcam’s Commercial Director. "The company has developed some very powerful design and analysis tools based on its thirty years’ experience in teaching turbomachinery design. They provide an ideal partner for our design and manufacturing programs.”

"We are looking forward to working together with Delcam to increasing the standards of turbomachinery design, optimization and manufacturing,” added Dr. Leonid Moroz, President & CEO of SoftInWay Inc. "We hope that through this joint webinar we can help educate the engineering community on how using advanced tools can make a significant difference on the engineering process, budgets and efficiency.”