May 2, 2011

Ciespace Corporation Names Sanjay Choudhry as Chief Technology Officer

Ciespace Corporation, a privately held engineering software company, announced today that it has appointed Dr. Sanjay Choudhry to the position of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice President of Engineering. Under Dr. Choudhry's leadership, Ciespace will focus its global research & development (R&D) activities to expand the company's product offerings and position its next generation computer-aided engineering (CAE) solution at the forefront in key industries including automotive, aerospace and industrial segments of the engineering design and analysis marketplace.

"The engineering software industry is under significant pressure to improve the usability and automation of the tools used to perform engineering design and analysis," said Kevin Kerns, President and CEO. "Over the past ten years, the demands on engineering organizations to handle larger and more complex multi-physics problems has placed a severe strain on the tools and resources currently available in these organizations. As a result, there has been a significant shift in both how the tools are being used and the types of problems to be solved. We believe that organizations could realize significant benefits from their engineering analysis tools if they were easier to access, delivered greater automation and knowledge capture, and allowed users to share ideas more seamlessly. As CTO, Dr. Choudhry will lead our global R&D teams in developing and evangelizing tomorrow's leading edge CAE solution, putting Ciespace at the forefront of the CAE industry."

As Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Sanjay Choudhry will be responsible for the company's product strategy, development and delivery of an entirely new paradigm of CAE solutions. Dr. Choudhry, with 25 years of experience in the areas of computer-aided engineering and scientific computing, brings a long track record of success in developing and releasing industry leading products, based on cutting edge linear and non-linear technology across multidisciplinary fields.

Prior to joining Ciespace, Dr. Choudhry was the Vice President of Product and Release Management at MSC Software. In this role, he was responsible for the product strategy, technology roadmap, and commercial pricing for all MSC products. Previously, Dr. Choudhry held various executive positions at MSC and Marc Analysis Research Corporation in product development, management, and marketing. During his tenure at MSC and Marc, Dr. Choudhry was closely involved in the design and development of Marc, Nastran, and other commercial simulation products used worldwide. He has also published over 45 papers in international technical journals and conferences in a wide variety of simulation technology areas.

Dr. Choudhry has a Bachelors of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, a Masters of Science Degree and a Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics and Applied Mathematics from Ohio State University. He also received an MBA from University of California-Berkeley. After completing his Ph.D., Dr. Choudhry spent several years in the engineering group at Bridgestone/Firestone Corporation working on a number of their engineering design and analysis projects.

"After spending nearly 25 years of my career in the engineering design and analysis field, working on several of the world's leading CAE products, I believe that Ciespace is at the epicenter of one of the most significant paradigm shifts we have witnessed in the engineering analysis field," stated Dr. Choudhry. "I believe there are a number of critical factors at work, including new innovative research which can greatly simplify and automate the traditional finite element approach to engineering analysis, in combination with the emergence of new delivery systems and compelling economics that will drive market adoption of an entirely new generation of CAE solutions."

Dr. Kenji Shimada, founder and Chief Science Officer of Ciespace, stated, "Dr. Choudhry has the ideal mix of deep technical knowledge and management experience coupled with a proven track record of innovation. We are very fortunate to have Sanjay leading Ciespace's R&D organization in building the industry's next generation CAE solution."

Ciespace develops and markets advanced 3D digital modeling and analysis solutions for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, and electronics markets. The company, founded by Dr. Kenji Shimada, Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University, is based on the patented BubbleMesh™ technology, a product of more than 18 years of advanced research in the field of 3D digital modeling. BubbleMesh™ enables the automated generation of high quality meshes for non-linear, multi-physics, and large-scale engineering analysis, which until now have been developed using costly manual labor. This automation dramatically increases the speed and quality of the engineering design process, for applications ranging from automobile crash simulation to complex fluid dynamic (CFD) and electromagnetic (EM) analysis.