May 30, 2011

Biotech & piping experts re-examine plant design efficiency

Growing global demand for biotech and chemical plant expertise is forcing a rethink of efficiency in plant design. At industry conferences across Europe, CAD Schroer’s engineering design experts are showing visitors a flexible, productive way forward.

Strong global demand for new production and process plants has increased project competition between traditional plant contractors and newer services providers. Many engineering departments, keen to maximise quality and efficiency, are stepping on from 2D or 3D mechanical CAD software. They are looking for a mid-market 3D solution ideally suited for flexible large-scale plant design -without the big implementation burden associated with some complex plant engineering systems.

MPDS4 PLANT DESIGN - Interactive Demo

At the PCH pharma and chemical industries convention in Lyon, France, and the FDBR piping technologies conference in Stuttgart, Germany, engineering software experts CAD Schroer presented their perspective on efficient plant design and factory layout.

Building 3D on a 2D Legacy
“At the PCH we spoke to biotech companies commissioning and building new plants throughout the world,” says CAD Schroer’s Joseph Brouwers. “Engineering Project Managers increasingly want to visualise their plants in 3D to benefit from easy project communication and interference checking, avoiding expensive mistakes during construction. But they don’t want to lose the investment in their existing 2D layouts. We make the transition from 2D to 3D easy, because MPDS4 can integrate and build on 2D data. And with our factory modelling service, clients can get the first 3D project off the ground very quickly.”

MPDS4 Quickstart Service

MPDS4 straddles the gap between 2D to 3D factory layout and full plant design. It delivers flexible catalog-driven applications for large-scale layouts, whether the focus is on 3D factory buildings based on 2D layouts, with fast auto-routing of conveyor lines; or intelligent 3D pipe routing with vessel, HVAC and steel design in complex chemical plants.

Flexibly dealing with plant changes
“Some of the engineers we spoke to at FDBR complained about the lack of flexibility of some plant software when the design had to be changed mid-project,” adds CAD Schroer’s Sergej Schachow. “Today’s design process is iterative; customers change their mind or requirements; factories have to be adapted to new production processes. MPDS4 allows engineers to change designs on the fly during client meetings, and existing 3D layouts easily form the basis of new projects.”

Flexible Plant Design Software

PCH and FDBR visitors saw a huge benefit in moving from 2D concepts to 3D building design to fully-fledged piping and plant design with one integrated, flexible, large-scale design tool. CAD Schroer will be attending many other digital plant, engineering and water technology events this year.