May 13, 2011

Autodesk Introduces New Academic Certification

Certified User Program Helps Validate Students' 3D Design Skills, Bolster College Applications and Resumes.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif - Autodesk, Inc announced a new level of certification for students pursuing careers in design. The Autodesk Certified User program provides students the opportunity to validate their design skills for entry-level jobs and complements Autodesk’s existing certification program for industry professionals.

The Autodesk Certified User program includes AutoCAD Certified User and Autodesk Inventor Certified User certifications and tests students to ensure they understand and can effectively use Autodesk software. Obtaining certification helps students enhance their college applications and resumes, and enables schools and employers to verify that candidates have the necessary skills to continue their design careers.

“Whether during the college application process or a job search, students are often looking for ways to set themselves apart from their peers and gain a leg up on the competition,” said Joe Astroth Ph.D., chief education officer at Autodesk. “Our Certified User program provides validation of their skills and helps them continue their pursuit of careers in design.”

In addition to benefiting students, the Certified User program also serves educational institutions. By offering Autodesk Certification, schools are eligible to receive federal funding through Perkins Fund grants. This funding helps schools to continue to offer innovative programs designed to bring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to students in their classrooms.


The Autodesk Certified User program is administered to students through Certiport, a test delivery solution provider for academic institutions. Certiport is the exclusive administrator of the Autodesk Certified User program. Through Certiport, schools can become authorized testing centers and deliver Autodesk Certified User exams directly in their classrooms. Schools interested in becoming Certiport Testing Centers can find more information at www.certiport.com/autodesk.

“Autodesk has become prevalent in schools for design, architecture and engineering students in recent years, and we recognized the need for a certificate to validate the skills these students have worked hard to master,” said Ray Kelly, Certiport CEO. “Our exams ensure students can effectively use these tools beyond memorization, and earning these user-level certifications while still in school provides evidence of competency and proficiency as students complete college applications and resumes.”

Students preparing for the exams can access Autodesk’s Digital Study Packet, available for free on the Autodesk Education Community. In addition, Certiport Authorized Testing Centers will provide practice exams to help students prepare for certification.