May 25, 2011

AspenTech Delivers Process Mobility in New Release of aspenONE® Software

Mobile Versions of Aspen IP.21® and Aspen Properties® Software Support Broader Collaboration and Visibility for Better Decision-Making Across Engineering and Manufacturing.

Aspen Technology, Inc introduced new applications in the latest release of aspenONE software that deliver process mobility for Apple iPad™, iPhone™ and Blackberry™ devices. Mobile versions of Aspen Properties and Aspen IP.21 software support broader collaboration and visibility for better decision-making across engineering and manufacturing.

“AspenTech’s vision for optimization includes anytime, anywhere access to critical business and process information. Delivering that information more broadly and in a more timely fashion enables our customers to make better decisions faster which ultimately leads to superior operating and financial results,” said Blair Wheeler, Senior Vice President of Marketing, AspenTech.

“We are now able to instantly access AspenTech’s comprehensive property data on a mobile platform. The application provides us with a tool to aid collaboration in process development and to support decision making in our scale-up facilities,” said Eric Cordi, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer.

Using Aspen IP.21 Mobile software on leading smartphones, customers can resolve operational performance issues faster, delivering increased profitability, reduced variability, and improved asset utilization on the fly. Flexible settings allow users to configure alerts and views that quickly identify error conditions while maximizing information value for individual job functions.
Aspen Properties Mobilesoftware provides on-the-go access to accurate property calculations for over 24,000 chemical species via iPhone and iPad devices. Thisenables broader access to a wider range of users, including engineers, chemists and scientists. Aspen Properties Mobile is easy for anyone to use, with a simple, intuitive, touch-screen user interface for mobile phones and tablets. It also provides easy access to AspenTech’s proven properties data and calculations, helping to ensure more consistent designs.