May 31, 2011

Air Force Research Labs and Honda Aircraft Company to Deliver Keynotes at 2011 Aerospace Engineering Conference Co-Hosted by LMS and dSPACE

Troy, MI – LMS North America, leading partner in test and mechatronic simulation, and dSPACE, a global provider of solutions for developing ECU software and mechatronic controls, are pleased to announce the keynote speakers for the 2011 Aerospace Engineering Conference to be held Aug. 29-30, 2011, at the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, California. This year’s conference will host the following keynote speakers: Steve Iden, Integrated Vehicle and Energy Technology (INVENT) Program Manager at Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) Masa Hirvonen, ManagerITF, Systems Engineering and Analysis, Honda Aircraft Company Inc., Eng Carlos Henrique Berto, Manager Systems development, optimization and integration - Embraer Dirk Van den Berghen, Executive Vice-President & Chief Sales Operations Officer of LMS Kevin Kott, President of dSPACE, Inc.

"We are greatly pleased that Mr. Steve Iden and Mr. Masa Hirvonen will present their visionary approach to the unique engineering challenges in the aerospace industry," commented Marc Boonen, President – LMS Americas. "Our mutual aim is to provide a meeting place for the aviation and space community to exchange ideas and find ways to respond to the current challenges in the industry." Commented Kevin Kott, President – dSPACE Inc.

The 2011 Americas Aerospace Engineering Conference will provide an excellent opportunity to explore the latest technological evolution in mechatronic simulation, systems integration and test-based engineering processes contributing to faster aircraft development maturity and better risk mitigation.
Leading Aviation and Space manufacturers and integrators are focused on the continued advance of mechatronic systems, dynamic systems engineering and systems integration to enhance their product performance, while improving efficiency and power management. Crucial to this focus is earlier development and integration of control systems using a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) development process. This process combines the classical mechanical product development process in parallel with the electrical and software development to bring products to market faster with improved performance. LMS and dSPACE solutions and services are complimentary in this domain, and this conference will provide customer cases and real-world examples of these solutions benefiting our customers.

LMS offers physical testing, virtual simulation and model-based systems engineering solutions and services for mission critical attributes such as power & energy management, ground loads, ECS, flight controls, systems integration and structural dynamics. dSPACE offers integrated hardware and software tools for developing and testing electronic control units. dSPACE systems are used in all stages of product development from initial validation of ideas to software validation and verification in production programs. dSPACE tools contribute significantly to increasing product quality/reliability by providing test systems and in reducing development costs by increasing rate of innovation and efficiency in bringing products to market.The first day (August 29th) of the conference will include keynote presentations by our customers and senior leadership in the morning followed by lunch. The afternoon will include management presentations by key customers on the application of leading edge technologies to advance their product development process. The second day of the conference will provide customer application presentations, technology updates and technical workshops for our attendees to see and learn from their colleagues and experts from LMS and dSPACE.