Apr 18, 2011

SoftInWay Presents AxSLICE Tool to Rev Up the Turbomachinery Redesign Process

BURLINGTON: SoftInWay Inc., a supplier of turbomachinery design software, educational programs and engineering services, has announced the release of a new tool – AxSLICE. Integrated into the AxSTREAM Software Suite for design, optimization and retrofitting of turbomachinery, the AxSLICE module for scanned data processing is able to increase the speed of flow path redesign.

AxSLICE was developed by SoftInWay’s team to expedite the process of blade geometry extraction using only scanned raw data points for analyzing and optimizing the blade. Additionally, the tool prepares the blades in the format appropriate for analysis of the existing flow path, therefore, shortening the design process and saving engineering hours and budget.

Engineers involved in turbomachinery retrofitting usually lack flow path geometry necessary to perform their analysis. Since most software tools working with data from 3D scanners produce only surfaces, they require a significant amount of manual work to extract airfoil characteristics necessary for 1D/2D flow path analysis and defining direct geometry. AxSLICE solves this challenge by determining blade angles from scanning results.

The new tool will be showcased in details in the course of SoftInWay’s free webinar “Retrofitting of Turbomachinery – from Scanned Data to a New Efficient Flow Path”, to be held on April 28, 2011, at 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. EDT. AxSLICE covers all types of rotating turbomachinery; during the webinar the module will be demonstrated using a steam turbine with HP, IP and LP sections as an example.

To know more about AxSTREAM software or to register for the free webinar, please visit SoftInWay’s website.