Apr 30, 2011

Significant productivity gains with TopSolid 7.5

TopSolid 7.5, the latest version of the TopSolid integrated CAD/CAM solution has been launched at the beginning of this month. The key characteristics of the TopSolid 7 CAD solution are:

Significant performance benefits - The end user of the new software generation benefits from productivity gains estimated at being 30% superior to traditional solutions thanks to such characteristics as partial loading and very fast realistic rendering.
Built-in Product Data Management (PDM) – All data management actions are carried out directly in TopSolid (rename, move, copy/paste, …) and data is shared and secured transparently (guaranteed data integrity, PDM messenger, …)
FreeShape – A new concept to TopSolid which implies that users do not need a history tree to edit imported parts

Major improvements in the 7.5 version:

The « toleranced » part

Thanks to this new function TopSolid 7.5 generates parts ready to be manufactured from the initial part designed by the R&D Department without having to completely redesign the part.

In fact several modifications have to be made to designed parts before manufacturing can happen. This is to ensure that manufacturing constraints, such as using the correct tolerances, are respected. Missler Software is a software developer that takes into account manufacturing imperatives throughout the entire product development lifecycle and does not only worry about managing the CAD definition of the part. The French software developer’s philosophy of offering a complete solution right up to and including the actual programming of the machine tool means that manufacturing considerations are taken into account in the CAD stage.

Today’s Methods Department often has to completely redesign parts which will be manufactured. This obviously leads to huge time losses and repeat data entry. TopSolid 7.5 eliminates this unnecessary step by taking such manufacturing imperatives as constraints into account from the beginning. Not only can TopSolid 7.5 apply the correct tolerances to parts designed using TopSolid but it can also manage tolerances for imported parts designed using another CAD software (thanks to the FreeShape function)


TopSolid 7.5 offers operators a solution to manage approval cycles when a change happens at any stage throughout the lifecycle (this function is called Workflow in TopSolid). The Workflow functions are directly integrated in TopSolid 7.5 and are completely transparent for the user. There is, therefore, no need to work with an external workflow application. TopSolid 7.5 offers facilitated automation of the approval process which reduces the risk of errors being made and improves efficiency and communication within the company.

Complete 2D draft

Missler Software understands the importance of having complete and detailed 2D plans and does not consider that 2D drafts are something of the past in today‘s 3D world. We all know that contracts are still signed based on 2D plans.

Today’s manufacturing companies still need to make impressive 2D draft documents which are complete and meet industry standards without having to use an external 2D application. For this reason improved draft creation is one of the key improvements in TopSolid 7.5. Here are just some of the key draft improvements in the 7.5 version:

Cartesian dimensions
Automatic dimensions and annotations
Table and split table creation

Piping module

Machine designers often need to design pipelines and may, from time to time, have to connect piping elements, use components such as elbows, tubes etc. and generate 3D piping views and BOMs for manufacturing. TopSolid 7.5 offers many improvements and new piping functions including the possibility to manage multiple unfolding. This new functions generates significant time gains for the R&D Department who can now automatically generate and manage all unfolding from the assembly stage.