Apr 22, 2011

The Power of Partnership: A New White Paper from CIMdata

CIMdata, Inc announces the availability of "The Power of Partnership." Today’s manufacturing industries are under continuous pressure to deliver competitive products faster and are implementing enterprise solutions to improve their operational effectiveness and ability to deliver more innovative products. These business networks are becoming increasingly globalized as more and more companies compete internationally. But while globalized markets expand business opportunities, they also intensify competitive pressures.

Global competition, product complexity, time to market, cost and quality continually drive businesses to become more efficient and innovative, especially in the manufacturing industry. Maintaining a competitive position in today’s global market requires accelerating the pace and efficiency of the business while getting the most from its business systems, information technology (IT) infrastructure, people, suppliers, and partners.

This paper describes the challenges companies are facing, why and how they need to work smarter, how a SOA-based enterprise information and process management approach enables a smarter business, and how IBM and Siemens PLM Software have teamed to form an alliance that is integrating and leveraging their individual corporate capabilities and solutions to help customers accelerate their businesses and bring innovative products and services to the market faster while using fewer resources. The goal of this IBM-Siemens PLM Software Alliance is to help companies’ technology-enabled businesses work smarter by deploying environments that maximize flexibility and responsiveness for rapidly changing business needs.

The Power of Partnership is available for downloading at no charge at: http://www.cimdata.com/publications/reports_complimentary/white_papers.html