Apr 11, 2011

PolyWorks/Talisman Brings a Measurement Session in the Palm of your Hand

InnovMetric Software has announced that PolyWorks(R) V12 will offer a talisman of its own targeted at users of laser scanning and tactile probing devices who need to operate 3D metrology hardware away from their computers. The new PolyWorks/Talisman application running on iPod touch(R), iPhone(R), and iPad(TM) mobile computing devices allows operators to remotely control PolyWorks and get critical visual or textual feedback while measuring on the shop floor. With PolyWorks/Talisman, users can:

-Visualize laser scans as they are being captured
-Get intelligent visual guidance while probing specific locations
-View single or multiple Digital Readouts (DRO) when building a fixture or jig, or mounting a component on a part
-Configure a probing session, such as the probing measurement mode or the reflector type
-Perform all typical probing actions, such as Start/Stop Measurement, Undo Last Point, or Reprobe Object
-Read messages or answer questions without having to go back to the computer

PolyWorks/Talisman is free of charge and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store at: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/polyworks-talisman/id422670138?mt=8

A talisman is “an object considered to possess magical powers”.