Apr 12, 2011

PLMIG announces PLM Standardisation Workshop for the Nordic region

Oxford: The PLMIG announces that the launch workshop in the 2011 programme of events to standardise PLM best practice will be held at the Novotel, Gothenburg, Sweden on May 24-25.

The Gothenburg workshop is "twinned" with the German region workshop that will be hosted by the Bundeswehr University of Munich, Germany, on June 07-08.

The events are part of a global series that will include follow-on workshops in the UK and the USA. The aim is to have an open and constructive debate about standardisation within PLM, and to generate an international body of collaboration and new knowledge.

The workshops are open to everyone - users, vendors, integrators, consultants and academics; and are open to participants from any country. Participants in Sweden and Germany will receive the results from all of the workshops in the series.

The PLM Interest Group is a global Group which brings together its members to work proactively to solve their PLM problems. It has previously run workshops that have produced the PLM Benchmarking Handbook; the PLM-SCM Guidebook; and the PLM Maturity Reference Manual.