Apr 6, 2011

Periscope 5.4 Supports AutoCAD(R) 2012

Apple Creek, Ohio - Periscope(tm) 5.4 has been released with support for AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD LT 2012. Periscope is a software utility that provides fast drawing entity feedback by dynamically displaying information about the object beneath the cursor in a compact tooltip window. The software includes an API that allows users to modify or extend the displayed information.

Periscope is available directly from ManuSoft, with costs ranging from US$40.00 per seat for individual licenses up to US$700.00 for site licenses. A shareware version of Periscope is available for download from the ManuSoft web site at http://www.manusoft.com/software/periscope.html.

Periscope 5.4 is a no-charge upgrade for registered users of previous versions of Periscope. Registered users may obtain the upgrade by logging in at the ManuSoft Customer Service Center or contacting ManuSoft.

ManuSoft may be contacted at sales@manusoft.com or +1-330-698-1723 for sales inquiries and special purchase options.