Apr 8, 2011

OPTIS Group Acquires SimplySim

OPTIS Group, software editor and world leader in physics-based simulation for lighting system, perceived quality, and human‐machine interface design, has acquired SimplySim, a software provider for rendering, simulation and robotics. The addition of SimplySims’ technology will allow OPTIS to integrate its new real time product portfolio into an innovative, state of the art 3D platform, fully compatible with multi‐physics engines, resulting in greater realism in the global simulation. The acquisition follows OPTIS’ physics‐based strategy and signals another step towards more realistic simulators, an area in which OPTIS has invested substantially over the past four years, successfully integrating predictive light effects and human vision perception. (Adding physics‐based rendering into an easy to use platform will allow engineers and designers to make quick, accurate decisions whilst inside a virtual environment around a fully digital mockup.)

SimplySim’s SimplyCube® software is used to develop, visualize and test virtual environments with physics behavior being applied to every entity. The solution is compatible with the Newton Dynamics and NVIDIA PhysX physics engines and allows users to generate the realistic behavior of any object, providing unique realism to the global system. Its advanced rendering technology allows accurate visualization of objects inside future environments providing the first idea of appearance for stylists and designers. Taking the technology further enables a connection to the real world; the solution allows users first to program then test virtual robots and finally to embed the program into the actual robot itself.

Jacques Delacour, CEO and president of OPTIS Group, comments, “SimplySim is the first acquisition for the OPTIS group and I am very excited about the innovative product suite we can develop together. Both companies are leaders in supporting industry in virtual product development and presentation, and the union we announce today combines our many years of experience to ensure we guarantee our leadership in multi physics based solutions. Connecting the virtual and real worlds through robotics will enlarge the scope of our potential applications in many domains, including unmanned vehicles and reconnaissance technologies for the defense industry. This heightened realism will also allow us to enter the field of serious games. The technology is so convenient to usethat we will soon be announcing our first SimplySim‐integrated solutions.”

Nicolas Dalmasso, President and Co‐Founder of SimplySim adds: “The acquisition of SimplySim by the OPTIS Group brings together a joint strategy and vision. With over 20 years of experience and a world‐leading position, OPTIS provides a stable, reliable environment for our company to grow and continue to develop the market’s most innovative virtual solutions. The SimplyCube virtual reality platform combined with the physics‐based approach of OPTIS will deliver a compelling story to a multitude of industries, and change the way in which users interact with fully virtual prototypes.”