Apr 22, 2011

Omnify Software Launches Next Generation Empower PLM Solution

Version 5.0 Introduces Web-based Platform for Enhanced Accessibility, Performance, and Scalability.

Tewksbury, MA – Omnify Software, a provider of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software for electronic, medical, mechanical, and defense manufacturers, announces the next generation Empower PLM solution, version 5.0. This product release boasts a completely browser-based platform which further enhances user accessibility, system performance and scalability to support the product design and development needs of small to mid-size manufacturers.

"Vergent Products is excited about the Omnify Empower version 5.0 release," stated Caroline Lace, Director of Business Systems for Vergent Products. "The new web based functionality allows us to deploy the application quickly and with less overhead, it will also allow for increased access beyond our current infrastructure, gaining efficiencies in productivity, not just for us but for our clients too." Ms. Lace also added that, "The new user interface provides easier navigation and allows for better organization of documents and other related files, enabling the user to get exactly what they need quickly. We expect to see significant improvements in our entire product lifecycle management processes with Empower PLM 5.0."

"Empower PLM 5.0 represents a pivotal turning point in our technology with a new product platform that improves system performance and scalability, and opens doors for various delivery models", stated Chuck Cimalore, Chief Technology Officer for Omnify Software. "The platform also provides us with an enhanced development environment that will allow us to respond quicker to customer demands as well as easily build new modules and interfaces."

Key product enhancements include:
New Browser-based Platform:
• All Empower modules have been transitioned to web browser applications, completely eliminating any client installation and expanding operating system/platform support.
Significant Performance Improvements:
• New platform and algorithm developments have had a significant performance improvement on many common operations such as authentication, Change/ECO processing, Bill of Material viewing/reporting, etc.
Multiple Language and Vernacular Support:
• New XML “dictionary” support provides multiple language support and customizable vernacular to the application forms without having to install multiple application instances. Each user can select from a different language dictionary.
Enhanced Integration:
• The new platform provides enhanced integration across all Empower modules as well as 3rd party applications.
New Graphical Reporting Engine:
• Standard reports and a customizable reporting engine have been provided to easily create bar graph, pie chart, Pareto charts, and line graphs.
Streamlined User Interface:
• Many forms have been redesigned to further improve readability and simplify navigation.