Apr 30, 2011

Okino Releases v5.6.1 "PLM" (Product-Lifecycle-Management) 3D File Conversion Pipeline

Based on the "JT Open" Initiative. Ideal for Enterprise-level Data Management, Sharing and Data Re-Purposing.

Okino Releases JT v5.6.1 CAD Importer (Including 'PMI' Support) and Exporter Modules, Compatible with 3ds Max® /Maya®/Softimage®/AutoCAD®, Lightwave®, CINEMA-4D®, U3D, SketchUp & Dozens More.

Toronto, Ontario - Okino Computer Graphics today released its newest v5.6.1 set of JT PLM/MCAD bidirectional import and export converter modules. The 'JT' converter modules allow geometry, hierarchy, materials and texture mapping data (assembly data) to be imported and exported to native JT disk-based MCAD files (otherwise called "DirectModel" files). At no additional cost, the JT importer module also allows PMI graphical data to be imported and then re-exported to such compatible Okino export file formats as SketchUp and U3D (for further import into Adobe Acrobat®-3D), among others. The modules are built upon the official "JT Open" Toolkit which has been licensed from Siemens AG. The use of the official "JT Open" toolkit ensures consistency of JT files across the enterprise and throughout the PLM supplier chain.

“Having been one of the early adopters of the JT Open toolkit, our v5.6 release of the bidirectional JT converter modules are a real gem in our line-up of Okino CAD modules and of our dedicated CAD software development,” said Robert Lansdale, president and CEO of Okino Computer Graphics, Inc. “Using our long standing JT solution, end-users are able to bring together a wide range of 3D data file sources into one cohesive work environment, add optional materials/lights/cameras/textures, add complex animation data (such as via PolyTrans-for-3dsMax/Maya/Softimage/Lightwave/CINEMA-4D), reduce the data size by 80-95%, optimize the parts count and hierarchy, then optionally re-export to top quality 3D file formats and WEB streaming formats. This end-to-end CAD repurposing concept and pipeline has been pioneered by Okino over the last 23 years. The JT import and export converters are also directly accessible from within the user interfaces of 3ds Max, Maya, Softimage, CINEMA-4D and any other third party vendor products which support Okino's integration API.”