Apr 6, 2011

Next Limit Technologies and AutoDesSys announce new Maxwell Render v2.5.1 plug-in for Bonzai3d

Madrid - Next Limit Technologies, creators of Maxwell Render and AutoDesSys, makers of Bonzai3D, have announced a new plugin for Bonzai3d users. The new plugin will now allow Bonzai3d users to render with Maxwell Render directly inside their platform. Through the plugin, users can convert materials between the two programs as well as view Maxwell materials directly inside Bonzai3d.

¨We are excited to see this new connection between Maxwell Render and Bonzai3d,¨ says Juan Cañada, Lead Developer of Maxwell Render, at Next Limit Technologies. ¨The integration is exceptional and it will offer Bonzai3d users an opportunity to produce the best quality images using Maxwell Render¨.

B3d is a new 3D modeler that is quick, easy to use but quite powerful and very robust. Designers can use B3d for both conceptual and sketching stages of their projects/workflow. The CAD accurate models can then be used further down in the pipeline for final renders, construction design, fabrication and animation. Embedded tutorials make it easy to use while its robust geometry standards make it a choice for professionals.

¨We are very pleased with the release of the Maxwell Render plugin for b3d, as it will add some great advanced rendering capabilities to the refreshingly easy to use modeling flow of the program¨ says Alexandra Yessios, VP of Sales & Marketing at AutoDesSys Inc. ¨You can create imaginative forms smoothly and effortlessly and then render them with all the global illumination effects that so successfully compete with reality.¨

"We kept Bonzai3d's motto--- 'small but powerful'--- in mind when developing the plugin for Maxwell Render¨, says Ben Dean, plugin developer. ¨ You'll get photorealistic renderings from your existing Bonzai projects in no time with the materials auto-translate feature, which uses verbal material hints, like 'glass' and 'aluminum,' to guide the translation. Of course, you can use MXM materials for even greater accuracy. The plugin adds five new light types for illuminating your scenes, including Maxwell's Physical Sky, IES for manufacturer-accurate lighting, and a parametric 'soft box' which works just like its photographic counterpart. These light types help you leverage Maxwell Render´s legendary Multilight feature. You can promote your designs with stunning, physically accurate images ¨


The Maxwell Render plugin for Bonzai3D is free for all existing Maxwell Render 2.x customers and it is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

This release also includes a watermarked demonstration version of Bonzai3d for Maxwell Render. A demo version of Maxwell Render is available.