Apr 20, 2011

New Mastercam Software Development Center Opened in Switzerland

Tolland, CT – CNC Software Europe SA has been created in Porrentruy, Switzerland for the development of Mastercam Swiss Expert, a CAD/CAM product dedicated to the Swiss turn market. CNC Software acquired sole rights to SylvieXpert, a Swiss turn software developed in this area of Switzerland in June 2010. The creation of CNC Software Europe SA will allow the company to access the expertise available in the Jura Region of Switzerland, known as the birthplace of Swiss machining.

According to Gary Hargreaves, CNC Software Vice President of Business Development, “we opened the development center in Switzerland because of our commitment to Mastercam Swiss Expert. Hiring the right talent in Switzerland gives us the team to successfully push forward in this growing market. The Swiss Expert product is a great compliment to the existing suite of Mastercam products.”

Swiss turning machines are typically highly complex with many operations happening simultaneously. "The ability to accurately drive these machines and simulate the complex motion requires software developed specifically for this type of machine," says Hargreaves. "CAM vendors find that a Swiss turning package cannot simply be a module that is added on to a standard package without a significant development effort.”

Hargreaves says the market for Swiss turning machines has been increasing steadily. "In addition to the shop that specializes in Swiss machines creating small, highly accurate parts, the use of products like Mastercam Swiss Expert has allowed the job shop with part runs of 1000 pieces to buy these machines. Many existing Mastercam customers are now buying Swiss turn machines to produce smaller lots of parts and provide faster turnaround to their customers,” he adds.