Apr 30, 2011

Motor-CAD Takes the Heat Off

Magsoft Corporation has announced the release of Motor-CAD Version 6. Motor-CAD is a revolutionary simulation software developed by Motor Design Ltd. of Shropshire, UK in cooperation with Magsoft. Motor-CAD's unique approach is to transform the complex thermal physics within electric machines into a lumped-parameter circuit equivalent. Solving the circuit then reveals the corresponding thermal behavior.

This technique allows the designer to virtually prototype the performance of their machine on their standard PC computer. Simulation is fast, accurate, and offers a coupled multi-physics approach which yields unparalleled insight as things heat up.

Motor-CAD V6 has numerous new features to improve the experimental experience of the machine designer. The most prominent of these are :

New Geometry Capabilities
Additional magnet configurations for the Brushless PM Motor [BPM] machine-type
Multiple independent duct layers for both Rotor and Stator cooling components
Additional parameters for configuring the shape of the winding End-Rings

ActiveX and Scripting
New Help menu access to the complete ActiveX parameter list
New Scripting interface area for developing and running macros
Save and re-use desired macros for timeless consistency in experimentation

New Multi-Slice model for long stack lengths
Choice of the number of slices
Review the solution on each slice separately or as a function of the slices

New Flow Interface
Review the various fluid paths for each cooling method chosen
Review the fluid flow rates throughout the machine

Improved Component Models
End-Space Region
Winding End-Rings
Forced Convection Cooling

Transient Solutions
Reduced Computation Times
Transient results can now be displayed "on demand" during the simulation

"The requirements for today's electric machines dictate that the designer take into account how the machine's behavior changes as it heats up over time. Motor-CAD is alone in the marketplace; providing results which readily allow the designer to make critical design adjustments in order to remove heat when it's necessary," says Magsoft Technical Director Tan Pham.