Apr 30, 2011

MecSoft Launches Social Networking Website for FreeMILL Users

Irvine, CA: MecSoft Corporation announced today the launch of an online community for FreeMILL users.

Designed as a social networking website, www.freecadcam.com was created to allow the FreeMILL community a place to connect with other users. “FreeMILL users have such varied backgrounds and stories that we wanted to create a community where they could show off their projects, ask questions and connect with each other. This site would also serve as a tool to help FreeMILL users communicate with us at MecSoft, so we can better understand their needs.” stated Joe Anand, President and CEO of MecSoft.

Offered as a free, fully functional CAM software program, FreeMILL allows users to import 3D models in STL, Rhino®, VisualMILL®, VRML and Raw Triangle formats, generate toolpaths and post out G-code programs to their CNC equipment. A Windows application, FreeMILL comes with over 50 post processors and offers full cut material simulation of toolpaths.