Apr 6, 2011

Mechdyne Receives March 2011 Renew Rural Iowa Leadership Award

Marshalltown, Iowa - Mechdyne Corporation has been presented with the March 2011 Renew Rural Iowa Leader Award by Iowa Farm Bureau. The Leader Award, which recognizes excellence in entrepreneurial achievement, was accepted by Jim Gruening, Vice President of Operations for Mechdyne's Systems Integration Division.

The award was presented by Joe Ludley of the Marshall County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. Also in attendance at the presentation were Sandy Ehrig of Renew Rural Iowa; Angie Nelson, Iowa Farm Bureau Regional 10 Manager; and Jean Klosterman of the Marshall County Farm Bureau. Joe Papp of the Center for Industrial Research and Service (CIRAS) program at Iowa State University Extension nominated Mechdyne for the award and was also present.

"We were especially pleased to nominate Mechdyne for this award to recognize the technology jobs they have brought to Iowa," said Papp. "Also, not only are they a net exporter of high tech services and expertise, but they provide an outstanding work environment and supportive working conditions. Mechdyne is a valuable Iowa employer and they are definitely making a difference in rural Iowa."

The Iowa Farm Bureau developed the Leader Award as part of their "Renew Rural Iowa" program. Renew Rural Iowa was developed to enhance and improve economic growth across the state, and especially in communities with populations of less than 30,000.

Gruening says there are a variety of reasons they decided to establish the company in Marshalltown. "Iowa's high quality educational system and exceptional workforce coupled with Marshalltown's geographic location and entrepreneurial spirit have been key factors in Mechdyne's success," he states. "There's such a strong work ethic among Iowans," says Gruening. "Having people on our team with those traits is a key competitive advantage and makes it much easier to provide high quality products and services for the global market."

Mechdyne Corporation, which began as a company specializing in virtual reality systems, is now the world's largest company dedicated to consulting and development of turnkey advanced audio visual, immersive 3D, networked, and collaborative visualization solutions. The company designs and integrates technology solutions, including a variety of software programs and services, that help organizations leverage technology to solve their unique business challenges.

During the course of its 15 year history, Mechdyne has provided several solutions for Iowa State University, including North America's first six-sided CAVE™ system, a four-channel FLEX™ system, and a visualization auditorium. Other Iowa-based companies that Mechdyne has completed projects for include: the University of Iowa; the Iowa Hall of Pride; John Deere; Rockwell Collins; Indian Hills Community College; and ARDEC, at the Rock Island Arsenal.

Nationally and internationally, Mechdyne has provided technology systems to such recognizable names as: BP, Hess Oil, Exxon, BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Los Alamos National Labs, Kimberly Clark, NASA, and the U.S. Army and Navy.

As part of the Renew Rural Iowa Leader recognition, Mechdyne was also featured on "The Big Show" with Bob Quinn, on WHO Radio which aired on March 31st.