Apr 13, 2011

MasterGraphics Unveils "Studio MGI"

MADISON, Wis - MasterGraphics, design process experts and leading Midwest supplier of design data solutions for the manufacturing, building and civil engineering industries, has formalized a new, national division named “Studio MGI.”

Studio MGI combines highly credentialed experts with the latest visualization technologies to help clients explore design concepts, validate those designs and communicate design vision to their customers with clear, dynamic imagery through services including:

Design Visualization Services – Geared toward the manufacturing, building and civil industries, Design Visualization brings complicated design concepts to life, adds “wow” factor to presentations and more effectively communicates design vision through:

Photorealistic imagery
Quality renderings and 3D models
Video and animations

Content Modeling – Offers manufacturing, architecture and engineering customers the knowledge, tools and experience to create parametric digital model design content for both manufacturer-specific and generic building products.

Training – Studio MGI training emphasizes personalized attention and real-world skills industry professionals need in order to gain a technological edge in today’s competitive business environment.

“Whether it is still images, motion graphics, animations or 3D models, Studio MGI provides a critical service to manufacturing, building and civil firms, enabling them to more clearly communicate the power and potential of a design to both internal and external stakeholders,” said Michael Wilkes, MasterGraphics president. “Studio MGI represents the highest degree of expertise in the latest visualization software, and we will apply that expertise so that customers can compete more effectively by taking their designs to the next level.”