Apr 20, 2011

Lightworks helps HBXL get product to market in just 2 weeks!

SHEFFIELD, UK - Lightworks has announced that the latest release of PlansXpress from HBXL is built on the Lightworks Artisan product and now includes Lightworks rendering.

Lightworks Artisan provides pre-packaged applications that can be simply integrated into OEM tools, providing pre-configured workflows and easy-to-use applications. By using Lightworks Artisan customers not only reduce their software development time and costs but they are able to enhance the quality of their software by providing a consistent and proven integration.

HBXL is the UK market leader in construction software for the small to medium sized building firm. The Company’s award winning PlansXpress product is targeted at builders and developers with the aim of enabling them to product architect quality plans and 3D visuals quickly and easily. The new release of the software incorporates 3D PhotoVisualiser, a Lightworks rendering add-on. This new product was integrated and brought to market within just 2 weeks!

Adrian Wild, Managing Director of HBXL, commented, “Within just 2 weeks of starting to work with Lightworks we had a finished product which we were selling at a consumer exhibition! We’re delighted with the speed in which we’ve been able to implement Lightworks technology within our PlansXpress software. The company were great to work with, very receptive to our needs and knowledgeable in the best way to meet these. The result is a great new visualisation plug-in for PlansXpress which will mean even better visuals for our customers.

Dave Forrester, CEO at Lightworks added, “More and more companies are recognising the value in being able to incorporate photorealistic rendering within their applications. Our Lightworks Artisan product makes is even simpler for them to do so and this 3D PhotoVisualiser release demonstrates just how quickly and easily Lightworks Artisan can be integrated to provide customers with the rendering their customers need.”