Apr 30, 2011

Lexip announces 3D mouse support for TopSolid CAD/CAM applications

Missler Software and Lexip have today announced that native Lexip 3D mouse support has been added to the TopSolid CAD/CAM software range. Missler Software, the number 2 CAD/CAM supplier in France and Lexip, manufacturer of 3D professional mice, have worked closely together to offer 3D design professionals a high-performance solution combining the advantages of the Lexip 3DM-PRO mouse with TopSolid’s exceptional CAD/CAM capabilities. The Lexip 3DM-PRO mouse now manages all TopSolid functions via a dedicated plug-in. The collaboration between the 2 French companies is a result of increasing requests from professionals for a common solution to optimize performance. The new partnership offers significant productivity gains by bringing the full range of 3D mouse benefits to TopSolid customers.

Lexip is dedicated to providing high-technology solutions which facilitate product design and thereby speed-up product commercialization. TopSolid users who work with the 3DM-Pro mouse do not need to move their hand from the 3D mouse to manipulate 3D design movements which increases productivity and simplifies work processes” affirms Eric Delattre, Sales and Marketing Director for Lexip.

“Lexip’s 3D mouse will help TopSolid customers to get to grips with 3D modeling. Thanks to the mouse’s many pre-programmed functions TopSolid’s numerous functions are now quickly available to its users without having to learn keyboard short-cuts. 3D navigation is very intuitive with the 3DM-Pro mouse thanks to Lexip’s “Tilt-n-Roll” technology. For our advanced TopSolid designers the possibility to customize the mouse functions for more efficient TopSolid navigation and control should be greatly appreciated” explains Dominique Laffret, Vice-President of Strategic Relations for Missler Software.

CAD professionals spend hours in front of their PCs and must manipulate their mouse with great precision. To increase the comfort and productivity of these designers Lexip designed a completely new and revolutionary 3D mouse. Unlike traditional mice limited to two axis movements, the 3DM-Pro mouse allows the user to navigate easily and intuitively in 3 dimensions using all 6 degrees of freedom (3 translations and 3 rotations): just press down the body of the 3DM-Pro mouse forwards or backwards, to the right or left or use the joystick, to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate your 3D model or environment.

One of the great benefits of this ergonomic, soft-touch mouse which fits naturally in the user’s hand is the fact that designers can work for long hours without feeling excessive tiredness. The numerous 3DM-Pro buttons which can be configurated are accessible without distorting one’s fingers.

Technical specifications of the 3DM-Pro mouse:

Lateral joystick
3D navigation
Indestructible ceramic feet
Ergonomic shape for comfortable working experience
Automatic application detection
3200 dpi laser for precise drawing and editing
Dpi setting (from 800 to 3200)
7 buttons which can be programmed independently
2.0 USB gold plated connectors
Braided 2m long cord sets