Apr 6, 2011

John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd choose Siemens NX 7.5 CAD/CAM solution from Majenta PLM

Majenta PLM has announced that John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd, has selected Siemens NX 7.5 for their cutting-edge design work.

John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs Ltd. has gained a reputation for designing fast, strong, and safe boats. In the 1980’s Shuttleworth’s design team developed the concept of “Integrated Structure,” resulting in boats that were lighter, stiffer, and stronger than any previous multihull designs. Their designs became consistent race winners, and several have broken and still hold some of the toughest long-distance ocean sailing records. Many of Shuttleworth’s racing and cruising multihulls have completed round the world voyages. They continue to develop and use this technology to design both sailing and power multihulls, where significant savings in fuel consumption and increased range can be achieved. Always working closely with their clients to achieve their wishes, they have kept to their philosophy of “form follows function” which has resulted in a unique style that can be recognised by anyone who is familiar with their work.

So as to best Maintain a portfolio of innovative and award winning designs, specialist software was required to transform the product development process and increase the level of detailed design being offered to clients. As such, Shuttleworth made contact with Majenta PLM, the award winning, platinum partner of Siemens Industry Software and a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services. Orion Shuttleworth, a member of the Shuttleworth design team. commented: “I knew that Majenta PLM had implemented well integrated solutions elsewhere, and this was something that I was keen to implement at Shuttleworth Design in order to keep us at the cutting-edge of what we do”.

Majenta PLM specialises in the provision, implementation and on-going support of CAD/CAM/CAE and PLM software solutions, for small-to-medium design engineering and manufacturing companies. The latest version of NX7.5 was demonstrated by the Majenta PLM team, which Brings High Definition PLM to product development, taking full advantage of the High Definition PLM Technology Framework to improve decision making throughout the product development process through a powerful suite of integrated CAD, CAE and CAM solutions.

From the design angle, NX clearly offered Greater design control, speed, productivity and throughput, with a complete set of flexible shape creation, manipulation, and analysis tools for design and styling. The combined powers of these tools would ensure that the most complex shapes could be quickly and easily created, with the adaptability to change. NX is an integrated part of a complete digital product development solution, providing all the tools that Shuttleworth needed to explore shape and style, while ensuring Better integration and coordination of multiple disciplines, design teams, and CAD systems resulting in faster time to market; overall a seamless transition into engineering, simulation and manufacturing.

With dedicated installation, training and support from Majenta PLM, the NX™ software transformed the entire product development process by enabling Shuttleworth to, explore concepts quickly and efficiently, and develop these into fully parametric highly detailed models suitable for manufacture, all while maintaining stringent quality. NX is the industry’s only unified solution that addresses every aspect of product development from concept ideation to manufacturing. Majenta’s implementation at Shuttleworth Design offers significant improvement to the level and quality of detailed design they are able to offer their clients.

“The Majenta PLM team solved my problems with a professional and comprehensive approach. The support service they offer is excellent” commented Orion Shuttleworth.