Apr 7, 2011

Fujitsu Signs Partnership Agreement with Zuken for Analysis Systems for Printed Circuit Boards

Tokyo — Fujitsu Limited and Zuken Inc. today announced that they have entered into a partnership agreement for analysis systems for printed circuit boards(1), a major electronic component employed in electronic devices.

The new agreement will, in the future, enable the companies to seamlessly integrate Fujitsu's SignalAdviser-SI analysis system with Zuken's CR-5000/BD-Viewer Advance system(2) and CR-5000/Board Designer(3), allowing them to begin offering new services.

Customers employing Zuken's CAD system will be able to easily begin using Fujitsu's analysis system, which has undergone extensive field-testing. For customers who are considering deployment, it will become possible to quickly build an easy-to-use environment that leverages both Fujitsu's and Zuken's strengths.

The SignalAdviser-SI analysis system from Fujitsu is being developed by Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Limited.


In order to quickly develop high-quality products when manufacturing digital home appliances, as well as electronic devices and products for use in automobiles, designers must, during the initial design stage, analyze and verify the reliability of printed circuit boards—a major electronic component—from a variety of angles, taking into consideration factors including electromagnetic waves, heat, strength, and vibrations.

In the sales and development of analysis and design systems for printed circuit boards, the companies have agreed to work together to further improve customer convenience by merging Fujitsu's strengths in the area of analytics with Zuken's strengthens in the area of design.
Fujitsu's SignalAdviser-SI linked with Zuken's CR-5000/Board Designer
About Fujitsu's Analysis System

Fujitsu's SignalAdviser-SI analysis system was developed based on the know-how the company has accumulated in designing computers, in order to address the problem of electromagnetic noise that is produced as the speed of electrical signals traveling over printed circuit boards increases. In 2002, Fujitsu began sales of the new system, which has already been widely deployed at approximately 140 companies. The system features a design advice function, which outputs not only analysis results, but also specific suggestions for reducing electromagnetic noise. As well, the system contains a proprietarily developed high-precision and high-speed simulation engine that can analyze high-speed transmissions of over a GHz.

Since developing the first CAD/CAM system in Japan for printed circuit boards in 1978, Zuken has constantly pursued the development of systems that are compatible with the latest design, mounting and manufacturing technologies. The CR-5000 series has been adopted by the world's leading companies in a wide range of manufacturing areas, including not only the field of electronics manufacturing, but also smartphones and other communications devices, transportation vehicles like automobiles—which are rapidly employing electronics technology—medical devices that require performance and safety, and devices for the aerospace and other industries.

Sales Target

30 sets of products from both companies in fiscal 2011.