Apr 30, 2011

FARO Announces the Sale of its First Edge Arm to Michigan's Pro-Weld Inc

Lake Mary, FL – FARO Technologies sold its first FARO Edge and all-new Laser Line Probe to Pro-Weld Inc. of Chesterfield, Michigan. The state-of-the-art Edge is the latest and most advanced FaroArm every produced. The portable FARO Edge allows manufacturers to quickly verify product quality and consistency through inspection, CAD-to-part analysis and reverse engineering by probing and non-contact laser scanning.

Pro-Weld is a full-service leader in the manufacturing of automotive part rack systems and creating custom designs for customers in defense and aerospace industries. For Pro-Weld, the decision to purchase the Edge came after considering the product’s revolutionary technology, ease-of-use and the cost of not choosing the most innovative portable coordinate measuring machine (CMM) available. Many of Pro-Weld’s customers expect the products they receive to be built within very strict tolerances and checked with a CMM solution prior to delivery. To meet these requirements, the company has historically subcontracted measurement and calibration services that often resulted in costly travel fees and work slowdowns.

“When we do have to bring people in from the outside, things need to be staged,” explained company president, Scott Light. “There has to be a pretty big plan in place. We feel that with [the Edge] we’ll be able to take the arm out, make the checks we need to make and do it within the normal course of operating. I think this will help us draw more business”

FARO designed the Edge with users like Pro-Weld in mind. The all-new arm features an integrated personal measurement assistant – the first in the industry. The built-in touch screen and on-board operating system allow the Edge to function as a standalone measuring system and eliminates the need for a laptop computer connection when making quick dimensional checks. An on-board diagnostic system allows users to quickly optimize system performance.

Available in three popular working volumes and seven-axis configuration, the Edge features other industry-leading capabilities including:

Enhanced Connectivity – Bluetooth, WiFi, USB, and Ethernet ready. Multiple device management through networking.
Smart Sensor Technology – Improved sensors warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations, and detect possible setup problems.
Ergonomics – Improved weight distribution and balance for reduced strain and ease-of-use. Patented internal counterbalancing providing comfortable, stress-free use.
Multi-Function Handle Port – Seamless and interchangeable accessory integration. Quick-change handle. Expandable capability.

The redesigned FARO laser line probe offers unmatched non-contact measurement capability. Its wide stripe provides superior scanning coverage and accuracy. Variable capture rates exceed 45,000 points per second for outstanding speed and feature definition.

“Customers choose us because we’re a full-service company. We prototype, design and build all under one roof” said Light. “We’re looking to add technology to set us apart from [our competitors] and the FARO Edge is one way that we can improve our service and our products to our customers.”