Apr 11, 2011

Eos Group Announces Eos Advisor Version 2.2

SCOTTSDALE - Eos Group has announced that it released a new version of its leading web-based historical cost and benchmarking product. Eos Group continues to invest in the Advisor product by improving performance, adding enhancements, and concentrating on issues raised by their users. Eos Advisor 2.2 adds new mapping capabilities, enhanced management and viewing of project photos and increased compatibility with newer Microsoft technologies.

During a recent demonstration Seth Hickcox, product owner for Eos Advisor, stated “The 2.2 release provides our clients the most reliable version we’ve ever shipped. We are excited about our current progress and even more enthusiastic about where we are headed. Later this year we will deliver the enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities our clients want and this release is the foundation we need to support those new tools.”

Eos Group, Inc., focuses on enterprise cost estimating, helps engineering and construction firms design, develop, and implement packaged and custom estimating solutions. With a combination of unique products and some of the top consultants in the industry, Eos Group enables companies to implement enterprise systems that couple historical cost data with a standardized approach to produce accurate, defensible estimates. Its solutions target seasoned estimators and project engineers in all market sectors. For almost two decades, Eos Group has built relationships with trusted names in the industry by focusing on the integration of systems and processes within each individual organization.