Apr 4, 2011

EGS appoints Emidio Cennerilli General Manager

Cennerilli will lead the company's momentum, riding the rise in OEM market, with maximum attention to dental and medical sectors in markets as North America, Eastern Europe and BRIC.

Bologna: EGS has strengthened its structure with the appointment of Emidio Cennerilli as General Manager. Cennerilli has 20 years of experience in ICT world, with roles of increasing responsibility with companies such as Rand Worldwide, Invention Machine and think3. The experience as think3’s Director of Software Components has given way to know OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) world market, one of the major importance field for the activity of EGS. Gabriele Canella, EGS Chief Executive Officer, explains the moment of his company: "We have suffered much 2009 crisis, but we also decided to invest in research and development, hiring experienced developers and opening up a specifically dental division, with the goal of providing cutting edge hardware and software to dentists, dental clinics and laboratories. The growing demands of the market motivated us to move from 2 to 20 employees and the figure of Emidio will be essential to strengthen this trend." “EGS is following a very aggressive trade policy, which has increased our turnover by 400% in 2010, with a very positive outlook for the current year" said Cennerilli, just back from IDS, a crucial appointment for dental industry held in Cologne.

“IDS has been a wonderful showcase to present our products such as 3D scanner and DentalCad, software aimed at dental laboratories, useful to draw and design different types of implants with extreme precision and speed with minimal intervention on the patient. EGS is definitely a small company in relation to direct competitors, but was able to attend for the first time in dental professionals with a new fully integrated solution, based on proprietary technology and key technology partnerships: 3D scanner for dental models and impressions, intraoral scanner, scanner Artec-Group (face and body scanning), dental CAD and milling machine.
The current goal is to reach 10 million in sales in 3 years: "This result is absolutely in our possibility" said Cennerilli.