Apr 6, 2011

e-Xstream releases Digimat 4.1.2

e-Xstream has announced the release of DIGIMAT 4.1.2; The unique nonlinear multi-scale material & structure modeling platform focused on bringing new insight into composite material design!

Driven by delivering at every release major improvements in composite simulation, DIGIMAT 4.1.2 focuses even further on the stabilization of computational convergence. DIGIMAT 4.1.2 offers to the user today a new technology and standard settings that showed both robustness and efficiency on our customers' cases especially for explicit analysis.*

* The new technology can be combined with stiffness update delay (SUD), a value of SUD = 2-10 saving up to 60 - 90% of CPU time with respect to SUD = 0. By combining SUD with element deletion the onset of failure can be investigated. For the investigation of post-failure behavior it is recommended to use SUD = 0.

Version 4.1.2 includes the new capabilities and product enhancements highlighted below. Please review the Release Notes for details of the new capabilities.


Temperature dependent models: consistency between DIGIMAT material models and output
Enhanced management of default parameters in analysis settings


Restart analyses with modification in the analysis definition


Multiple selections of Material Explorer and Data Explorer entries for deletion, export or plot


CPU speedup: general improvements in the code and convergence schemes
CPU speedup: improved formulation of Stiffness Update Delay (SUD) with elasto-viscoplastic material
Robustness: stabilization of convergence through improvements in the algorithm enforcing plane stress condition for shell elements
Failure: The local axis system can be used to define failure criteria on the macro and micro level two-phase composite
DIGIMAT multi-layer materials (.daf) can be used to set up coupled analyses via Digimat-CAE and the DIGIMAT plugins


DIGIMAT 4.1.2 is available for download from the support section of the website (http://www.e-xstream.com/en/login.html?nc=1). If you have forgotten your credentials, please request it to support. The license file will be emailed to all customers.