Apr 12, 2011

Delcam Professional Services expands Singapore office

The Singapore office of Delcam Professional Services has moved to larger premises within the Nanyang Polytechnic site. The move follows the recruitment of a number of new staff for the office following an increase in the level of interest in Delcam’s process development services in the region. It is part of a general expansion of the organisation, which was converted into an independent subsidiary earlier this year.

The Singapore office has worked closely with Nanyang Polytechnic in the two years since it was first established. The company has been able to use the facilities at the Polytechnic to develop and trial some of its project work and, in return, has provided training and experience in novel processes to the students.

Like its parent company in the UK, the Singapore office provides process development and prototyping services based on Delcam’s range of CADCAM software. Under the leadership of Hans Kunen, an engineer with more than 20 years experience in machining and process development, it helps companies to increase productivity and reduce lead times. Work associated with the manufacture and repair of components for the aerospace and power generation industries make up the majority of the projects, although the Singapore team also provides its services to other industries.

Most of the projects involve the development of turn-key work cells using Delcam’s adaptive machining technology. Adaptive machining uses a combination of machining and inspection technology to allow the production of complex components to a consistently high level of accuracy and quality. Typically, the systems involve a high level of automation, allowing them to be operated by lower-skilled staff.

The Professional Services Group was formed by Delcam in 2004 to undertake larger consultancy projects for users of the company’s CADCAM software. The primary business of the group is on working with clients to improve their design and manufacturing processes, and then defining procedures for using Delcam’s products to implement those processes.