Apr 26, 2011

Delcam CRISPIN releases 2011 software for footwear design and manufacture

The new interface has made LastMaker simpler and more intuitive to use so speeding design times.

Delcam CRISPIN has released the 2011 versions of its range of design and manufacturing software for the footwear industry. The new versions include significant enhancements to the LastMaker program for last design and the Engineer Pro system for the production of 2D sample and graded footwear patterns, plus general speed and ease-of-use improvements across the full range. Full details can be found on www.footwearcadcam.com.

Delcam CRISPIN is the world’s largest supplier of CADCAM software to the footwear industry and is the only supplier able to provide a complete solution for the design and manufacture of lasts, uppers and soles.

The main addition to the 2011 version of the LastMaker program is a brand new Graphical User Interface that provides a familiar look and feel with the other core products in the footwear solutions product range. The functions for last editing, measurements, control planes and sections are accessed through icons rather than a mixture of icons and menus, providing a much simpler-to-use and more intuitive working process.

Improvements have also been made to the last import functionality, which makes data import much quicker and easier to achieve. The last can be edited and modified in the solid display, with the option to view it as the mesh. There is also a new last view-and-rotate mechanism using the middle mouse button, eliminating the need for the view and rotate dialogue boxes.

Product integration is part of the main focus for 2011 and LastMaker now includes the .SHOE file format. This stores the data from all the Delcam CRISPIN products, including the 3D last, the 3D design and sole, and the 2D patterns, plus costing and cutting. It ensures that only the one single file format is required across the complete product range.

For the 2011 release, Engineer Pro includes a new snapping function that allows single or multiple data points to snap to another data point when drawing or editing base lines. A "Parts & Shapes” library has been implemented to allow parts and shapes to be saved in an external library. An Interactive Margin function to quickly and easily adjust the position of a created margin line has been added, plus the Match Margin function, which uses a target base line to define a new margin line.

Edge Templates, the functionality to add dependent feature lines to a net part shape, have been further improved and access made easier by adding the functionality into the parts manager dialogue. This has significantly speeded up the pattern-engineering process. Initial feedback from customers states an increase in productivity by up to 50%.

The TechPac module within Engineer Pro provides a 2D solution for producing technical packages, including technical information, images and operation sequences for manufacturing. Reports can be generated in PDF and HTML formats for factory operatives to follow, which give them all the technical information required for the upper assembly processes like clicking, skiving, folding and closing. New for TechPac 2011 are User Defined Reports, which create automatic reports using information and data received from Engineer Pro. This reduces the time taken to produce a technical package and improves the integration between products. TechPac also includes new functionality to calculate the visible net material areas of shoes.