Apr 4, 2011

Cadac Organice introduces Workbox 2010 R3

Cadac Organice, Microsoft Partner Network member and developer of Cadac Organice (a SharePoint based engineering document management solution), introduces Cadac Organice Workbox 2010 R3. This new release includes new features and functionalities for advanced workflow management in Microsoft SharePoint.
Software solution for workflow management in SharePoint

Cadac Organice Workbox is a software solution for workflow management in Microsoft SharePoint. It supports project-driven engineering industries in automating their business processes with productive SharePoint workflows. Release 2010 R3 of Cadac Organice Workbox offers several new features and functionalities, such as decisions, workflow launching parameters, for-each-item loop, expanded lookup filters and additional reporting capabilities.
New features and functionalities in release 2010 R3

Decisions allow automatic redirection of one action to another depending on conditions and permissions, without the need for user intervention. Workflow launching parameters allow presetting the value of workflow variables when launching the workflow. The for-each-item loop is an activity that makes it possible to execute a set of activities on each item in a list matching certain conditions. Further lookup filters have been extended with additional options and reporting has been extended with the possibility to export workflow data to SQL Reporting Services, Microsoft Excel or other reporting tools to create and run all kinds of custom reports.
Compatibility and availability

Cadac Organice Workbox 2010 R3 is compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Foundation and Server and is available to customers from March 31st 2011.