Apr 20, 2011

Bentley's AutoPLANT Design Software Now Available for 64-Bit Platforms

Newest Version Provides Greater Interoperability Through i-model Creation and Enhanced User Interface That’s Easy to Learn and Use 2011 FIATECH Technology Conference & Showcase.

CHANDLER, Ariz - Bentley Systems has announced the release of AutoPLANT V8i (SELECTseries 3). AutoPLANT is the most widely used AutoCAD-based plant design software throughout the world, and this new version is fully compatible with 64-bit AutoCAD, Windows, and Microsoft Office. The AutoPLANT products include specification-driven 3D design tools for piping, equipment, isometric, raceway, and steelwork design, along with 2D functional design applications for instrumentation and wiring, data sheets, and process and instrumentation diagrams. The many new enhancements to AutoPLANT V8i further streamline workflows, improve information sharing and engineering content management, reduce risk, facilitate more effective change management, and lead to higher-quality projects.

The highly scalable and flexible AutoPLANT V8i (SELECTseries 3) software features the ability to work either in “briefcase mode,” disconnected from a host database, or in “project mode,” for information sharing among small to large project teams. In addition, its updated user interface with intuitive ribbon menus and tool pallet is easy to learn and use.

AutoPLANT V8i’s new ability to support the creation of i-models (containers for open infrastructure information exchange) adds project value through greater interoperability with other software. Among the applications with which it now interoperates are the ProjectWise V8i project team collaboration platform, Bentley Navigator V8i for iterative project review, and OpenPlant, the first 3D plant modeling software to natively use the ISO 15926 data model as specified by the iRING user community (www.iringug.org).

Commenting on the latest AutoPLANT capabilities, Anne-Marie Walters, Bentley global marketing director, said, “The new release of AutoPLANT underscores Bentley’s continuing commitment to this leading software for plant creation and provides our users with better support for their businesses. It enables them to keep software operating systems aligned across the enterprise, and to leverage the power of the latest computer hardware. At the same time, it increases productivity and speeds project delivery by enhancing interoperability with other key project software products through i-models. Users can bring their data, models, and drawings into any environment also supporting i-models – right alongside information from other disciplines and systems.”

Walters continued, “For example, users can now bring their AutoPLANT models directly into Bentley Navigator V8i to perform clash detection and resolution and full model reviews, and in the near future into OpenPlant to benefit from real-time design collaboration across all disciplines. In short, the easiest-to-use 3D plant design software on the market providing the best value – according to a Daratech survey – has just gotten better!”

AutoPLANT users were quick to applaud the many benefits of the newest version. “We at Z-CAD AS are delighted to hear that the new AutoPLANT V8i release will be compatible with 64-bit computer hardware and Windows,” said Terje Olaussen, chairman, Z-CAD AS. “This proves to us Bentley’s commitment to the future of AutoPLANT and gives us confidence in our investment.”

Demetrius Franklin, CAD manager, ESI Tennessee, said, “Benefits we’ve achieved from our use of AutoPLANT at ESI Tennessee include the many efficiencies that result from real-time design review, a significant decrease in clashes during construction due to our ability to detect and resolve potential conflicts during the design phase, and a reduction in paper waste. Without question, those moving to a 3D environment should think of AutoPLANT as the best of the industry. Our savings on generating piping isometrics are over 90 percent, and this is a small part of the project. Overall return on investment on our projects using AutoPLANT, as compared to the estimated 2D manual process, is in the neighborhood of an incremental 2 to 3 percent, which translates to cost savings for ESI and its clients.

“Now, with the availability of AutoPLANT for 64-bit platforms, we have the added advantage of moving to a 64-bit operating system to increase our processing speeds. This is a cost-effective way to increase productivity.”

The AutoPLANT V8i (SELECTseries 3) products are available to organizations and individual practitioners through one of Bentley’s many flexible pricing models. For example, value-creative pricing is available through two Passport Subscriptions: the Designer for Piping Passport Subscription (AutoPLANT) and the Mechanical Engineer for Piping Passport Subscription (AutoPLANT). The software and the included learning in these subscriptions provide individual practitioners with advanced capabilities superior to those of competing AutoCAD-based products, and minimize the adoption barrier of start-up costs.

Each Passport Subscription is priced at $3,995 annually and provides access to the full range of software, training, and content that piping designers and plant mechanical engineers require. Through this “professional upgrade” in software toolset and skills, individual practitioners quickly make their work more valuable. The additional value created is passed on to constituents in the form of higher-quality projects delivered in less time and at lower costs. The Designer for Piping Passport Subscription and Mechanical Engineer for Piping Passport Subscription each include AutoPLANT Piping, AutoPLANT Equipment, Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID, ProSteel Modeler, Bentley Data Manager, ProjectWise Passport, and ProjectWise Clash Resolution Visa.

For additional information about Bentley’s Passport Subscriptions and other subscription offerings, visit www.bentley.com/subscriptions.

AutoPLANT users have long recognized the flexibility and value-add of this industry-proven software across the lifecycle of infrastructure. As Harshad Shah, general manager, Ausenco Engineers Pvt. Limited (Ausenco Sandwell), explained in commenting on the firm’s continuous polymerization plant project in Bajpur, India, which was nominated for a Be Inspired Award, “Bentley AutoPLANT helped us develop the model meeting all process requirements for maintaining slopes for gravity flow of process materials. Further, we were able to model all cableways and review the combined model in Navigator for clash resolution. The model was then used to extract all GA/section drawings, isometrics, and piping bill of quantities, which was the major time saver. It was also used extensively on site during the construction stage, which proved to be highly beneficial. The modeling exercise facilitated seamless integration amongst all design groups and site execution work, and contributed significantly in achieving a very tight execution schedule with minimum error/rework on site.”