Apr 6, 2011

AceCad features its BIM solution at Fiatech 2011

AceCad will be featuring its BIM solution, StruAEC for the structural supply chain, at the Fiatech Technology Conference & Showcase, 18-20 April 2011, Chandler AZ, USA. AceCad will be exhibiting for the 3rd successive year at this leading industry conference. StruPLANT, a solution suite for the structural supply chain for industrial projects will also be featured.

Decision makers will hear the vision for Material Management Enterprise (MME) at the conference; an holistic approach to materials planning, procurement, fabrication, installation and ongoing operations support. AceCad’s approach to materials management in fabrication will be presented by Reg Hunter, Fiatech Sr. Program Director. AceCad solutions offer a practical implementation of the vision for structural content through the supply chain.

In conjunction with collaboration with logistics specialists, Panalpina, HAL and NGPS, AceCad has assisted in the definition and deployment of systems that enable global visibility, traceability, predictability and control of materials from point-of-origin to construction. AceCad’s StruM.I.S, the leading Enterprise Fabrication Information Management system for structural fabricators, was instrumental in providing accurate material take-off data (MTO) with order information that was fully associated to RFID tagged items ready for shipment.

AceCad is at the forefront of Fabrication Information Modeling (FIM). Through knowledge based fabrication with work processes that are totally integrated across the enterprise; managing data from initial enquiry, estimates, stock inventory from supplier to client, budget and production controls and shipment. Model data from BIM based models and plant design systems such as PDMS and SmartPlant3D, can also be imported to enable full management capability. For engineering companies full project collaboration is now possible for the first time through the supply chain, with real-time data accessible from the fabricator, to enable full decision support, cost and change management with dynamic updates of the structural detail model status through production and shipment to the construction site. RFID tagging and GPS tracking through partnership with Panalpina and HAL, further enables engineering project management companies to have complete visibility of materials to and at site.