Apr 6, 2011

3D Systems Launches New Quickparts® E-Commerce Portal

Intuitive QuickQuote® 2.0 Offers Users Enhanced Experience.

ROCK HILL, South Carolina – 3D Systems Corporation announced today the release of a new Quickparts® online customer portal offering enhanced user functionality, including instant access to quote and project history based on its patented QuickQuote® e-commerce technology.

QuickQuote® 2.0 places users in the driver’s seat delivering complete access to account activity at www.quickparts.com. With QuickQuote® 2.0 entire customer quote history can be retrieved, modified, deleted or purchased online. The status of all open projects is displayed, including expected ship dates and package tracking information.

QuickQuote® 2.0 empowers users to manage all aspects of their account profile including contact information and shipping account preferences. Most important, users can continue to upload files to obtain instant quotes and purchase custom parts through Quickparts’ newly enhanced QuickQuote® online quoting system.
“Quickparts® continues to enhance its customers’ experience, leveraging its considerable technology to deliver added functionality,” said Abe Reichental, President and CEO, 3D Systems. “We intend to leverage Quickparts®’ proprietary e-commerce technology across our entire custom parts services network to deliver the best experience to all our customers world-wide.”