Mar 21, 2011

xPLM Solution takes over cae consulting

By acquiring cae consulting and thereby expanding its integration portfolio, xPLM Solution is now one of the leading suppliers of integrations between PLM, ERP and engineering tools (ECAD, MCAD and software development applications)

On 1 January 2011 xPLM Solution GmbH announced the acquisition of cae consulting GmbH, a leading supplier of PLM integration solutions for electrical, electronic and software engineering applications. For 24 years, cae consulting has been developing innovative integration solutions between industry leading computer-aided engineering, PLM and ERP applications. Among its customers are international companies from the automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.

This merger expands xPLM Solution’s already robust suite of Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD), Digital Mockup and MS-Office application integrations to PLM and ERP solutions, with industry leading Electrical and Electronic CAD (ECAD) and software development applications. xPLM Solution is now a single source supplier, able to provide manufacturing companies with a complete suite of integration solutions and extensive services for mechanical, electronic, firmware and computer applications.

“The acquisition of cae consulting significantly strengthens not only our range of integration solutions but also our development and consulting teams. The increased know-how, intellectual property and the resulting synergies mean that we are now better equipped to offer integrations in the ECAD, MCAD, ERP and PLM environment that fully satisfy the increasing requirements for the development of mechatronic systems,” said Charly Wachtel, Managing Director of xPLM Solution. “Our PLM partners including Oracle, SAP, Aras, SolidWorks, Infor and Siemens also will significantly benefit from these expanded integration capabilities.”

“Together with xPLM Solution, we have executed many customer projects, we share many of the same business partners and we leverage many of the same technologies. We have also known some of their employees for more than 15 years now. I am convinced that the merger of our two companies will not only secure the continuity and the quality of our solutions and project work but will also improve them,” said Sven Rau, Managing Director of cae consulting.

cae consulting is continuing to operate from its facilities in Sexau, Germany and their trusted support and service specialists continue care for their customers. Sven Rau is acting as a management consultant to xPLM Solution.