Mar 3, 2011

VectorCAST Embedded Software Analysis and Test Applications Integrated with OSEK

Vector Software's integrated solution targets automotive software applications.

Providence, RI - Vector Software, a provider of software testing applications for embedded systems, announced today the integration of Vector Software's VectorCAST test suite and the Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) implementing the OSEK standard. The embedded compiler used for this integration was Altium's TASKING for Tricore. The debugger selected was Lauterbach's TRACE32.

This integrated solution was done for a large Korean automotive manufacturer. Vector Software demonstrated the ability to interface the VectorCAST products with OSEK-compliant RTOSes making the tool suitable for use by other automotive software developers complying with the ISO 26262 test and code coverage requirements.

"We are excited about providing our automotive customers with support for the OSEK real-time operating system,"said Bill McCaffrey, chief operating officer at Vector Software. "At Vector Software, our goal is to continue to offer the most automated testing tools interfaced with the largest array of embedded environments."

OSEK is a standards group that has produced an open systems, manufacturer independent, system environment for real-time embedded systems in vehicles. It describes the operating system, communication mechanisms, and network management.