Mar 7, 2011

Surfware to feature High 'Material Removal Rate' Milling Technology at Haastec 2011

Camarillo, CA - Surfware, Inc., developers of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM Systems and the patented TRUEMill toolpath technology is participating at the HaasTec 2011 Open House. HaasTec will take place at Haas' headquarters located at 2800 Sturgis Road, Oxnard, California from March 10-12, 10:00am to 4:00pm daily.

"HaasTec is a great venue to let our customers know what can be accomplished with TRUEMill technology for machine shops that require high ‘Material Removal Rate’ milling toolpaths to work with their new and existing Haas CNC machines," says Alan Diehl, CEO of Surfware. "TRUEMill toolpaths have proven to increase material removal rates in Haas CNC machines in most any material by up to 5 times, increase tool life by up to 10 times while cutting at a depth of 2 times the cutter diameter to achieve decreased cycle times and reduced stress on the machine. In today's economy, it's all about increasing your company's productivity, and the patented TRUEMill toolpath used with Haas CNC machines will drastically reduce cycle times as well as provide productivity gains in even the most difficult to machine materials, such as Titanium, Inconel, and Hard Steels.

"TRUEMill has demonstrated amazing results in machining titanium on our HAAS VF2-SS CNC machine at our Demo Center by removing 4 cubic inches of material per minute with a ½ inch diameter tool while cutting 1 inch deep at 115 ipm in pockets and outside geometries. Drastically reducing cycle times like this for any CNC milled parts are the tangible results our customers are looking for in today's machining market," says Diehl. "These spectacular results can now be achieved with TRUEMill toolpaths because the toolpath is controlled and programmed with a user defined Tool Engagement Angle which is the key factor in achieving unsurpassed material removal rates in comparison to any other CAM system on the market today."