Mar 21, 2011

SoftInWay Partners with Continuous Control Solutions to Increase Reliability of Turbomachinery

BURLINGTON, Massachusetts: SoftInWay Inc has announced its partnership with Continuous Control Solutions (CCS) – a world recognized provider of automation, process control and real-time optimization systems. The recent agreement reached by the two companies is aimed at bringing more value and innovation to the machinery control process and increasing product lifespan.

Over the years CCS has been helping manufacturers boost the operating life of plant equipment and efficiency by delivering control applications and engineering services. Dedicated to industry excellence, the CCS team develops turbomachinery control systems to fully manage the operating processes of gas and steam turbines, expanders, compressors, pumps and generators. In-depth practical knowledge and technical experience allows CCS to cover the full spectrum of services and provide high-end and cost-effective solutions for increased reliability of turbomachines.

“The new alliance with SoftInWay is a logical step in our continued effort to provide superior one-stop services to our clients. We share a common vision and passion for providing world-class turbomachinery control solutions, as well as a strong foundation of project engineering expertise, an understanding of turbomachinery processes, and a commitment to customer satisfaction,” – stated Alexander Shcharansky, President of CCS.

Today’s continuing need to push the speed-to-market envelope results in companies having to make trade-offs between accuracy in calculations and product reliability. By partnering with CCS and sharing industry best practices for machinery control and optimization, SoftInWay will enable its clients to design flow paths for maximum life-cycle and, therefore, contribute to steady growth of the oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical and power generation industries, as well as build a cleaner environment in the coming years.

“Our partnership with CCS is focused on creating superior customer value and thrusting the turbomachinery industry forward. We are set for truly collaborative work to achieve overall integrity of turbomachinery design/redesign systems with control applications,” – concluded Dr. Leonid Moroz, President and CEO of SoftInWay.