Mar 14, 2011

Sigma Technology to sponsor the 11th annual FLOW-3D European Users Conference

Moscow: Sigma Technology has announced that it will sponsor the 11th annual FLOW-3D European Users Conference which will be held on May 26-27, 2011 at the Hotel Royal Falcone in Monza, Italy. By doing so Sigma Technology continues its cooperation with the developer of FLOW-3D software Flow Science, Inc. and the common distributor of FLOW-3D and IOSO Optimization software in Europe XC Engineering, Srl.

“Flow Science is very pleased that Sigma Technology is participating as a sponsor in the 2011 FLOW-3D European Users Conference. This will strengthen our ties and open ways for closer cooperation and development in the future,” said Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science’s Vice President of Research & Development. “It will also allow Sigma Technology to showcase their achievements in developing design optimization algorithms to our users.”

“XC Engineering strongly desired the presence of IOSO at the FLOW-3D European Conference!” added Alessandro Incognito, President of XC Engineering. “IOSO is a very powerful, fast and accurate technology and cooperation between Sigma Technology and Flow Science is welcomed by XC Engineering!”

“We are excited that now we have an opportunity to support FLOW-3D conference and show unique capabilities of our IOSO Optimization software for FLOW-3D customers,” said Ivan Klochkov, Business Development Director at Sigma Technology. “We have already had a number of successful applications of IOSO and FLOW-3D that were performed at the request of our common customers and we will be happy to continue our cooperation with Flow Science and XC Engineering to satisfy continuously growing needs of our users.”