Mar 3, 2011

Shaderlight for Google SketchUp now available for the Mac

Since the launch of Shaderlight for Windows in October 2010, this leading rendering tool has seen enormous success and become an essential part of image creation for SketchUp users in a range of industries across the globe.

Unlike anything else currently available to Mac users, Shaderlight provides a simple extension to the Google SketchUp workflow, enabling users to create photo-real images from 3D scenes with ease.

A first for Shaderlight, both Windows and Mac versions of the software are now available to purchase for networks, enabling businesses to license a number of machines with a ‘floating license’. This will benefit many of the design colleges, architect practices and design agencies that are already looking to purchase multiple licenses.

Kate Marshall commented: “This latest release now makes Shaderlight rendering available to every SketchUp user. We have a waiting list of enthusiastic Mac users who can’t wait to try the software so we’re excited about seeing the results!”

Shaderlight’s interactive renderer for Google SketchUp allows the user to watch their image ‘develop’ on screen as they continue to refine their SketchUp model.

The basic version of the software can be trialled for free, with no registration required. For the Pro version, a trial is available for 14 days, with a cost of $199 thereafter.

Throughout March 2011, Shaderlight Pro will be available to both PC and Mac users for just $149 when purchased using a valid discount available from www.shaderlight.com