Mar 15, 2011

PLMIG calls for input to international PLM Standards programme

Oxford: The PLM Interest Group announces an international programme of events to enable companies to share PLM best practice, and help incorporate this into new effective standards. The aim is to generate worldwide PLM improvement via national collaboration.

The events will run in a series of locations in Europe and the USA, and the PLMIG is calling for input from PLM professionals in order to prioritise the issues to be covered.

The starting point is a list that was generated by PLM users as their main barriers to progress, and therefore the main areas where standardisation will help:-

* Clarity of vision at board room level
* Enterprise collaboration through the customer and supply chains
* Harmonisation across global sites (DASAMASA)
* Strategies for integrating design, manufacturing and marketing capability
* Management and culture change
* Product classification and structure
* Use of PLM to increase product quality
* Benchmarking, metrics and KPIs
* PLM vs ERP
* Platform standardisation (IT / PDM / SOA)
* Managing multi-vendor environments
* Bridging legacy systems and next-generation solutions

Prioritising these issues will give a clear insight into the way that PLM development should be heading. The PLMIG is asking for input from PLM professionals in all types of organisation, in all countries.

More information, and a copy of the input questionnaire, can be obtained by contacting standards@plmig.com.