Mar 16, 2011

OPEN CASCADE uses Intel® Threading Building Blocks for multi-threaded optimization of its CAD/CAE software development platform

OPEN CASCADE decides to adopt Intel® Threading Building Blocks (Intel TBB) to multi-thread its Open CASCADE Technology libraries.

This solution has proven to be not only effective, but also extremely easy to implement – the code changes necessary to use Intel TBB are localized in a couple of classes and leave the code looking natural and elegant.

Using Intel TBB helped OPEN CASCADE to improve the performance and scalability of their application. Intel TBB was also easier than other solutions to implement because it is available on all of the platforms that Open CASCADE Technology supports.

By using a proven technology from an industry leader OPEN CASCADE was able to continue focusing on its core competence (CAD/CAM/CAE, numerical simulation, and PLM) without becoming experts in software parallelism.

Moreover, this solution is future-proof: algorithms that make use of Intel TBB will continue to scale automatically when upgrading to new multicore systems.

By integrating Intel TBB into its numerical simulation platform, OPEN CASCADE reinforces its relationship with Intel that started in 2008 when OPEN CASCADE joined the Intel® Parallel Studio beta program. OPEN CASCADE has used a variety of Intel Parallel Studio components from Intel TBB to tools to check for correctness and tune performance of its code – Intel® Parallel Inspector and Intel® Parallel Amplifier.