Mar 16, 2011

New high-fidelity LMS SCADAS Lab front-end provides solid engineering solution for lab-based data acquisition

LMS International recently launched the new LMS SCADAS Lab front-end. The latest addition to the high performance LMS SCADAS family is a top quality and cost-effective solution for high-speed data acquisition and signal conditioning in all type of laboratory environments.

Sharing a common hardware platform with the LMS SCADAS Mobile range, the new front-end features a 19” rack-mountable frame, an 8 to 2000+ channel count range and an AC power supply. Top data acquisition performance is standard thanks to a constantly high throughput of 14 MSamples/s and high-channel density up to 160 input channels per frame. Highly flexible, the system comes with various signal conditioning modules and a choice of connectors, such as BNC, CAMAC and Sub-D for patch panel configuration. The LMS SCADAS Lab front-end seamlessly integrates with the LMS Test.Lab software suite to provide a solid engineering solution for noise, vibration, acoustic and durability challenges.

With the LMS SCADAS Lab, it is easy to connect additional slave frames in a master/slave configuration using optical fiber cables. Ideal for noise and vibration laboratories, this modular solution lets operators easily configure a multi-frame system for 200 or more channels. With channel-count-independent real-time processing and excellent throughput performance, the LMS SCADAS Lab is ideal for high-channel count modal testing, aircraft ground vibration testing, or turbine testing applications.

Each LMS SCADAS Lab set-up can be supplemented with a selection of portable LMS SCADAS Mobile units for additional channel capacity and specialty work, basically eliminating the need for dedicated systems and separate devices and strengthening a company’s overall hardware investment. LMS calls this Lab-Mobility – allowing users to mix-n-match all types of LMS SCADAS systems together to save time and effort between the field and the lab.

“Test engineers around the world count on LMS SCADAS systems to deliver the data quality and required format to get the job done right the first time. The high-fidelity LMS SCADAS Lab, our new state-of-the art laboratory front-end with lightening-speed performance, continues this tradition. Thanks to Lab-Mobility, test teams save valuable instrumentation time and increase their testing speed and flexibility. Together, this translates to a valuable return on investment,” commented Bruno Massa, Vice President of the LMS Test Division.