Mar 9, 2011

MSC Software Reseller Develops Productivity Tools for Compute Intensive Nonlinear Simulations using MSC Marc

SANTA ANA, CA - MSC Software Corporation has announced that one of its business partners, IWF Engineering, has developed a set of automation productivity applications for nonlinear simulations using Marc. The applications are developed and sold by IWF Engineering, a reseller of MSC Software products, and can be extended to work with MSC Nastran as well.

Marc is one of the leading solutions for implicit nonlinear Finite Element Analyses (FEA). In combination with the Mentat pre-/postprocessor, Marc offers a comprehensive solution for the analysis of highly complex nonlinear problems. Processing nonlinear jobs generally requires a considerable amount of time. To fully exploit the given hardware and software resources, time consuming calculation jobs are often processed in the evening hours or during weekends.

The goal of IWF Engineering was to create automation tools that enabled them to produce more analysis results in less time from long nonlinear simulation runs. It is not unusual for nonlinear jobs to terminate prematurely due to input errors or by reaching certain abort criterions. The definition of the input files for a FEM (Finite Element Method) program is quite an elaborate process especially for calculations with many variation parameters. For this reason IWF Engineering, an experienced Marc user, developed a set of automation applications to simplify tasks. The three independent but seamlessly chained tools include:

* IWF DAT-File Value Change: Automated mouse-driven definition of DAT files for parametric studies. All numerical input parameters like loads, environment variables, material properties, geometries and breaking strains are taken into consideration. Up to 100 DAT files and equidistant values can be generated independent of preprocessors. Benefits include simple creation of new DAT file by parameterization and direct connection with IWF Launch.
* IWF Launch: Mouse-driven creation of a task list of planned simulations and their processing during off work-times. The Marc call parameters for each selected input-file can be edited separately. Additional capabilities include execution of routines after termination of the program and output of a result protocol, notification via email with an enclosed result protocol, and easier error detection using integrated IWF Out-File Viewer. This tool acts as an Analysis Manager. Benefits include job queuing, emailing after completion, results protocols, and validation of completion codes.
* IWF Out-File Viewer: Provides a listing of all error messages in the order in which they occurred. In the complete file overview the occurred errors cab be assessed. This instant feedback to user allows for quick response and more efficient analysis runs.

"Our tools were developed from years of simulation practice. We know from our own experiences how much effort is often necessary for the preparation of a comprehensive variation calculation. Errors can easily occur, terminate calculations and actually delay projects considerably," said Uwe Großmann, founder of IWF Engineering. "The combined power of MSC Software's offerings, including Marc and MSC Nastran, and our own automation tools provide our clients with speedy, accurate analysis."

"Marc is a highly regarded nonlinear analysis solution used by product manufacturers around the world," said Walter Simon, Senior Manager at MSC Software in Munich. "We are pleased to see our resellers providing first-rate sales and support for Marc and MSC Nastran while also developing their own tools to automate FEM calculations, giving customers even more speed and confidence in analysis."

IWF Engineering was founded 14 years ago and specializes in FEM services. Additionally, IWF offers support for the introduction of FEM including analysis consulting and task specific trainings. IWF has been a reseller of MSC Software since 2008.