Mar 2, 2011

Longview Advisors Publishes Annual Collaboration & Interoperability Market Report

LOVELAND, Colo - Longview Advisors, today released the latest edition of its Collaboration & Interoperability Market Report. The Report includes results and analysis from Longview's Sixth Annual Collaboration & Interoperability best practices survey, along with articles on related industry topics.

The free annual publication compiles results from Longview's survey, containing responses from 163 manufacturing professionals in subjects like collaboration practices, data exchange strategies, preferred platforms and formats, 3D data handling and deployment processes, matching tool with requirements, CAD translation effectiveness and other important topics.

The Report also includes a collection of invited papers examining the latest trends, issues and technologies in collaboration and interoperability. Many of the papers are from the most popular speakers at Longview's highly regarded annual Collaboration & Interoperability Congress (CIC), which is held each year in May (www.3DCIC.com). Registration for CIC is now open, with early-bird registrations available for a limited time.

"One of the most revealing facts uncovered in our survey this year is that CAD migration projects have slowed, while switching CAD platforms has really ignited," says David Prawel, CEO of Longview Advisors and Editor of the report. "Companies who decided to upgrade their current CAD systems have fundamentally completed this migration. The bets have been placed. And evidence is emerging that many companies have decided to switch CAD systems. Some CAD vendors have failed to ensure smooth transitions between updates and upgrades, and the users are speaking with their wallets."

The Report is free to the public, available as a PDF from www.longviewadvisors.com